Soundtrack to a perfect shoot


Today I photographed my good friends Mickey and Kate. First started off with Mickey and Kate and their beloved car- then continued on to shoot Kate and her guitar. (She’s an awesome singer and plays great!) There were many favorites from this shoot, but below are just a few…







3 thoughts on “Soundtrack to a perfect shoot

  1. Wow…this is quite the site! Your photographs are a breeze of fresh air! I can’t believe I made contact with you.
    I like the composition and wonderful colours. I love that Feb 2009 photo of the moon, sky and corner roof of that elegant house….reminds me of the house we’ll be staying in. Maybe it’s the same house? See you soon! We’ll be smiling!

  2. Oh my, I should have commented on Soundtrack…..
    Well, I always love the colours of the guitar under stage lighting or out in the open…two different kinds of gold seen here with her guitar. Nice couple. I think I can hear her voice! Imagine that!

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