Suzie & Kevin

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My friend from high school, Suzie, and her husband came down for a quick trip this weekend. I was so excited to see them! Suzie is the most beautiful and amazing girl I know…inside and out. Such a strong, silly, outgoing, incredibly kind girl- and always has been! It makes me so happy to know that she grew up to find the love of her life, Kevin, who treats her so wonderfully and is a great guy himself. This couple is truly a match made in heaven.  I know that anyone who knows both Suzie and Kevin are very lucky to do so, and they know it too.

Many pictures were taken today at the bay and I had many favorites.


One thought on “Suzie & Kevin

  1. What a happy day! What a lovely couple! What great photos of this happy day in the lives of this lovely couple! : )

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