“Hurricane” Earl


For days I have heard the news teams go on about how Hurricane Earl will affect us deeply here at the shore- well, the day came and went- and barely a hint of Earl was to be seen. It was cloudy all day, a few spits of rain, and a breeze of maybe 2 mph. We’ve had Nor’Easters way worse. So, in a sense, it was a let down (think of big photo opportunities here) but also it was a blessing to not have dealt with any damaging winds and what not. After the storm passed, right at sunset, I went to the bay down the street from my house and snapped a few. The results are what follows:

3 thoughts on ““Hurricane” Earl

  1. WoW!! There are sunsets, then there are SUNSETS!!! These courtesy of Earl are breathtaking! And only a few blocks from your house! Awesome.

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