Trip Out West


Last week my hubby and I traveled out west for a much needed vacation. My side of the family lives in San Francisco, and I used to  live in Santa Barbara, and my parents are obsessed with the red rocks of Arizona. Needless to say, I have many good memories vacationing (and eventually living in Santa Barbara) out west and feel most at home there. I knew that as soon as I could bring hubby out (who is originally from Bulgaria) he would fall in love with it as well. It was a vacation that consisted of on-the-go constantly and no rest for the weary (or those who developed a nasty cold, like myself). Flew into San Francisco and were greeted by cousin Kim and her husband Sean who promptly took us all around San Francisco. What a great day! We spent the next two days traveling Napa Valley and exploring the rest of Walnut Creek (where we were staying). My family had surprise birthday cakes for my birthday which is coming up soon. We then traveled down to Santa Barbara (my mostest best favoritest spot in the entire world) and hit Half Moon Bay for my surfer husband. Go figure, it was actually flat so no surf for hubby. We had a very long but very satisfying drive on Highway 1.  After 2 nights and only 1 full day in Santa Barbara we hit the road again for a very  fun drive through the desert to the Grand Canyon to spend 1 night and part of a day there then off again to Vegas in which I won $6.75. (I quit while I was ahead).

I had way too many favorite pics from this trip, but pulled these:

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