Lee J. and Kesha


My friend Lee J.  is about to film his second music video (see his first one here) and needed some photos for the video itself. I was so excited when he called to ask me to shoot these.  Lee J.  brought along his friend Kesha as she will be posing as his girlfriend in the video. It was great meeting her for the first time, and I immediately liked her from her sense of style and her openess to do anything for the shot. Both Lee J. and Kesha were great models and very brave when I asked them to roll around in absolutely freezing ocean water. It made for some great shots!!

They both had a great chemistry together- perhaps a love match in the making?!? 🙂

I will link you to Lee J.’s new video when it comes out. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open!

(This one I tried to capture what it looks like when a couple takes a photo of themselves, as my husband and I have done on many,many occasions)

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