Maggie- Trash the Dress/Vintage Portraits

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Every year when my sister-in-law visits, we set up a fun photo shoot and take time to connect over something we both have a passion for. This year I had it in my head to trash *my* wedding dress. As I am pregnant, and most likely will never fit in my wedding dress again, I quickly came to realize the next best thing- Maggie! Maggie wasn’t so sure about trashing my dress as she was concerned I would regret it. What to regret? It has been sitting in my closet for 3 years now not doing a thing. I wanted it to be used again and creatively. I was so happy when the shoot came together, and without realizing that it had a slight vintage flair to it- perfect for my vintage project I have been working on.




2 thoughts on “Maggie- Trash the Dress/Vintage Portraits

  1. These are SO fabulous! I especially like the ones where she’s laughing and isn’t as posed. They came out gorgeous. Might have to get one of these for my wall…

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