The Eisched Family

Cape May, Family Portraits, NJ, Sunset Pavilion - Cape May, The Cove Beach

– Cape May NJ Family Portrait Photographer –

I felt so bad that I wasn’t able to make our original shoot date (especially since it was so nice out) due to an unfortunate case of whiplash… but the Eisched family were just as excited about doing the shoot on the earlier proposed rain-date, and this made me feel much better! I think little Leah was enjoying being a model- she had so much fun and was giggling the entire time 🙂 This session was on the Cove Beach in Cape May- a very popular beach which can be filled with people until late in the evening-especially if there have been rainy days earlier- but it is a beautiful location that keeps changing so it never quite looks the same and there are spots where we can go to get away from the crowd.










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