Jessica & Dave

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Jessica and Dave’s wedding was a sweet and beautiful intimate ceremony on Congress Street beach in Cape May. Jessica got ready at Hotel Macomber and the reception was held there as well. The weather was a perfect overcast; not too dark, but no sun to make unsightly shadows or to make it too hot, and there were beautiful patches of blue popping through the clouds here and there. I absolutely loved the color scheme, a beautiful bright turquoise.  When I did Jessica and Dave’s engagement photos last year, I had not had the chance to meet their son, Noah, and I was excited to do so at their wedding. I have a daughter close to Noah’s age and Jessica, Dave, and I have connected through comparing and sharing stories about our children. Noah is such a cutie! He knows how to work the camera, and loves every minute of it. It truly was a perfect day for a perfect couple.

I look forward to keeping in touch with them.

Congratulations again, Jessica and Dave!

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