Suzanne & Tom

Cape May, NJ, Small Wedding, Surprise Wedding, Weddings

Suzanne and Tom are a fun couple. I mean, pulling off a surprise wedding definitely puts you at the top of the list for being a fun couple. The day was gorgeous, extremely windy, but otherwise absolutely perfect for the couple. Somehow the couple was able to not mention a word about the wedding until just hours before! Everyone was very delighted when they found out they were going to be attending a wedding! I loved every moment of this wedding.

Congrats again, Suzanne and Tom!

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Don & Sue

Cape May, Intimate Weddings, NJ

I love these two. They are so sweet and really are a friendly couple. I also love that they live close to where I grew up- so I felt an instant connection. And, I love,love,love Sue’s dress! Together they are a relaxed couple and make you stop and enjoy the moments you spend with them. I can’t wait to see them again!

Congrats, Don & Sue!!

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The Moncrief Family

Cape May, Children portraits, Family Portraits, NJ, Portraits

It was a tad on the cooler side, and very windy, the evening of the Moncrief family’s shoot, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. Their little boy enjoyed exploring in and around the lifeguard chair as well as the sand and water. I love watching kids explore and have fun, and it is those kinds of images I tend to like most.

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The Davis Family

Cape May, Cape May Point State Park - Cape May Point, Family Portraits, NJ

I love my repeat clients. I enjoy building a relationship with them and know what I can expect each year, and I am sure it is the same with them. I have worked with the Davis family for almost as long as I have owned Meacreations- so, about 6 years, and always look forward to their visit. This year we returned to Cape May Point State Park (one of my favorite locations for sure) which is where we first met years ago. I can’t believe how fast the girls are growing up, and they only get more beautiful each year.

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The Hohf Family

1 year old portraits, Cape May, Cape May Point State Park - Cape May Point, Family Portraits, NJ

I first met Trent and Abby a few years ago when I shot their engagement photos at the Cape May Lighthouse. Yesterday, I got to see them again and meet their beautiful baby girl, Jocelynn. Though the skies looked threatening all day, as soon as we started shooting, they cleared. Every once in awhile there were some sprinkles, but nothing we couldn’t handle. I enjoyed taking them around the grounds to parts they didn’t know existed at the lighthouse. Jocelynn was super sweet the entire time and was interested in everything! I loved my time with them!

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Katie & Steve

Cape May, NJ, Weddings

I love Katie and Steve’s story about how they met. It was Memorial Day weekend and Katie was walking by a handsome gentleman sitting on a bench across from The Ugly Mug on Washington Street Mall in Cape May. The gentleman, Steve, noticed her and was staring. Katie, usually shy, walked up to him and asked where she could grab a bite to eat. The rest is history. This past Memorial Day weekend, Katie and Steve tied the knot on Trenton Ave beach in Cape May and held a gorgeous reception at a stunning house in Cape May. Every detail was perfect, and it was such a great day! Katie and Steve are a fun couple, extremely good looking, and very,very fun.

Congratulations again, Katie and Steve!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16This is the bench where they met!

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Colleen & Harry

Cape May, NJ, Peter Shields, Small Wedding, Weddings

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love,love,love intimate weddings. There’s a special feel with intimate weddings and I think that the camera picks that up.  It’s the quiet moments, it’s the family and close friends that are very important to the couple, and it’s the portraiture time that photographers love. Colleen and Harry had a very sweet intimate wedding at a rented house in Cape May and then celebrated by having a delicious dinner at Peter Shields Inn. Colleen and Harry are so easy going and fun, it’s hard not to smile around them, especially when they are together.

Congratulations again, Colleen and Harry!

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Jessica & Dave

Cape May, Couples, NJ, Small Wedding, Weddings

Jessica and Dave’s wedding was a sweet and beautiful intimate ceremony on Congress Street beach in Cape May. Jessica got ready at Hotel Macomber and the reception was held there as well. The weather was a perfect overcast; not too dark, but no sun to make unsightly shadows or to make it too hot, and there were beautiful patches of blue popping through the clouds here and there. I absolutely loved the color scheme, a beautiful bright turquoise.  When I did Jessica and Dave’s engagement photos last year, I had not had the chance to meet their son, Noah, and I was excited to do so at their wedding. I have a daughter close to Noah’s age and Jessica, Dave, and I have connected through comparing and sharing stories about our children. Noah is such a cutie! He knows how to work the camera, and loves every minute of it. It truly was a perfect day for a perfect couple.

I look forward to keeping in touch with them.

Congratulations again, Jessica and Dave!

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Extended Bradley Family

Cape May, Extended Family Portraits, Family Portraits, NJ

A few years ago, I met the Bradley family and their boys for a portrait session. It was one of my favorite sessions, and I was excited when I saw an email asking about availability for extended family portraits this year. This year, we met at the beach at Grant Street in Cape May. I enjoyed meeting the rest of the family and I was glad that they were up for trying portraits even in less than desirable weather, which turned out to be wonderful.

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Jenn & Mike E-session

Cape May, Couples, Engagement Portraits, NJ

Yesterday was an absolute beautiful day in Cape May, and just perfect for an engagement session. This session was a long time coming. Jenn, Mike, and I first started talking in February, and had planned to do an engagement session then; but with the extreme winter weather we had this year, we had to postpone… many times. So, while I am always glad for beautiful weather, I was overjoyed when it was so nice for this shoot in particular. Mike grew up in Cape May, and always liked the Sea Mist building and so we started our session there then moved on to the beach. Jenn and Mike are a great couple and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in September!

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Amanda & Nick

Cape May, Hotel Alcott, NJ, Weddings

The first wedding of the 2014 season couldn’t have been better! Amanda and Nick wed in the lobby of Hotel Alcott, in historic Cape May, which was also their reception site. The portraits were in and around the hotel, as it was a little too cool and breezy for the beach. Amanda was so beautiful and it was easy to photograph her gorgeous smile, and she smiled a lot around Nick (a good sign!).

Congratulations to Amanda and Nick, and here’s to a great 2014 season!

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