Camille + Eric

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Camille + Eric held their micro wedding at the Pearl S. Buck House in Bucks County, PA on 9.19.2020.

COVID-19 may have moved Camille + Eric’s original wedding date and location, but it didn’t stop them from celebrating their marriage in a micro wedding at the Pearl S. Buck House in Bucks County, PA. The beautiful and simplistic micro wedding fit their personalities perfectly, and guests were surrounded by natural beauty of the gardens and architecture. This couple was so easy-going and wanted to celebrate their marriage with their closest friends/family members in a safe way. The guests were given special masks to wear to help keep social distance at the ceremony and the reception – all of which was outdoors.

Getting the Perfect Photos

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Kat and Josh chose a background that means a lot to them and their relationship – the East Falls Bridge in Philadelphia is where they used to run while dating.

What defines the perfect photo?

Is it one that is styled to mimic Pinterest, or is it one that embodies emotions of the day?

A perfect photo is uniquely personal. So, when you hire a photographer to capture your wedding, event, or family portraits, how do you ensure that you will get your very own perfect photos?

The answer is communication.

Clear communication with your photographer leading up to your shoot can make the difference between good photos and perfect photos. Communication is key to relationships – and why wouldn’t you want a good relationship with your photographer, the one who is capturing precious memories of a big event or special moments with the ones you love?

Amanda and Shrey’s relationship is so much fun – just letting them be themselves helped to create their beautiful engagement photos at Valley Green Inn, Wissahickon Valley Park, PA.

Okay, communication. But, what do we talk about?

When you first shop around for photographers, certain styles of photography stand out to you more than others. You may find yourself falling for the high fashion style with lots of lighting techniques, or more drawn to lifestyle photography which focuses on relationships of the subjects within the photographs.

Once you find your top few photographers, reach out to them and let them know what drew you to their photos. That’s the first key of unlocking the potential for the perfect photographs. There’s a connection between you and the photos, and if you can explain what you like about them – the photographer will be sure to listen.

Make sure you hop on a call with your top photographers of choice for at least 15 minutes– just to chat about what (again) drew you to the photos, and what you hope to have captured within your own.

Jeanine and her father’s relationship is so close – I was told there may be tears. There were <3

Once you have selected your photographer, set up another time to talk – either on the phone or face-to-face, about your relationship between you and your significant other or with your family. I don’t mean laying down on the sofa and spilling your guts out, but I do mean:

  • What makes your relationship work?
  • What’s your personality like and your significant other’s?
  • What are your favorite hobbies together?
  • How have you grown as a couple/or family?

Giving the photographer this information helps them build a file about you and what you are expecting to see in the photographs. The more you can let them in on your relationship, the better they can capture it for the few hours they are with you.


Rachelle + Gordy <3 Deer Creek Overlook - Street, MD

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Rachelle and Gordy during their first look

Rachelle and Gordy’s wedding embodied their personalities to a tee. Rachelle, a nature lover and advocate, was so excited to find the venue along Deer Creek in Street, Md. When I arrived the day of the ceremony, I knew right away it was the perfect location for her and Gordy to tie the knot.

The wedding was a flawless and stunning DIY wedding with their touches in every single detail including an amazing Cheese & Charcuterie Board and a fantastic New Orleans-themed reception.

The love they have for one another is so sweet to watch and it just glows through the photos captured during their special day.

Congratulations, Rachelle and Gordy! <3

Suzanne & Tom

Cape May, NJ, Small Wedding, Surprise Wedding, Weddings

Suzanne and Tom are a fun couple. I mean, pulling off a surprise wedding definitely puts you at the top of the list for being a fun couple. The day was gorgeous, extremely windy, but otherwise absolutely perfect for the couple. Somehow the couple was able to not mention a word about the wedding until just hours before! Everyone was very delighted when they found out they were going to be attending a wedding! I loved every moment of this wedding.

Congrats again, Suzanne and Tom!

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Kelly & Dave

88th Street Pavilion, NJ, Small Wedding, Stone Harbor, Weddings

I think it is a good thing that I can still tear up at wedding ceremonies. It means I really want to be part of my couples’ lives and photograph their day in the way that captures their relationship perfectly. Kelly and Dave have an amazingly strong relationship, and I listened to every word of their vows enjoying the stories they shared together, their triumphs together, and their dreams for their future together. Kelly and Dave had an intimate ceremony at 88th Street Pavilion in Stone Harbor and portraits on the beach after. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day for the couple!

Congratulations again, Kelly and Dave.

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Katie & Steve

Cape May, NJ, Weddings

I love Katie and Steve’s story about how they met. It was Memorial Day weekend and Katie was walking by a handsome gentleman sitting on a bench across from The Ugly Mug on Washington Street Mall in Cape May. The gentleman, Steve, noticed her and was staring. Katie, usually shy, walked up to him and asked where she could grab a bite to eat. The rest is history. This past Memorial Day weekend, Katie and Steve tied the knot on Trenton Ave beach in Cape May and held a gorgeous reception at a stunning house in Cape May. Every detail was perfect, and it was such a great day! Katie and Steve are a fun couple, extremely good looking, and very,very fun.

Congratulations again, Katie and Steve!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16This is the bench where they met!

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Colleen & Harry

Cape May, NJ, Peter Shields, Small Wedding, Weddings

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love,love,love intimate weddings. There’s a special feel with intimate weddings and I think that the camera picks that up.  It’s the quiet moments, it’s the family and close friends that are very important to the couple, and it’s the portraiture time that photographers love. Colleen and Harry had a very sweet intimate wedding at a rented house in Cape May and then celebrated by having a delicious dinner at Peter Shields Inn. Colleen and Harry are so easy going and fun, it’s hard not to smile around them, especially when they are together.

Congratulations again, Colleen and Harry!

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Jessica & Dave

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Jessica and Dave’s wedding was a sweet and beautiful intimate ceremony on Congress Street beach in Cape May. Jessica got ready at Hotel Macomber and the reception was held there as well. The weather was a perfect overcast; not too dark, but no sun to make unsightly shadows or to make it too hot, and there were beautiful patches of blue popping through the clouds here and there. I absolutely loved the color scheme, a beautiful bright turquoise.  When I did Jessica and Dave’s engagement photos last year, I had not had the chance to meet their son, Noah, and I was excited to do so at their wedding. I have a daughter close to Noah’s age and Jessica, Dave, and I have connected through comparing and sharing stories about our children. Noah is such a cutie! He knows how to work the camera, and loves every minute of it. It truly was a perfect day for a perfect couple.

I look forward to keeping in touch with them.

Congratulations again, Jessica and Dave!

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Amanda & Nick

Cape May, Hotel Alcott, NJ, Weddings

The first wedding of the 2014 season couldn’t have been better! Amanda and Nick wed in the lobby of Hotel Alcott, in historic Cape May, which was also their reception site. The portraits were in and around the hotel, as it was a little too cool and breezy for the beach. Amanda was so beautiful and it was easy to photograph her gorgeous smile, and she smiled a lot around Nick (a good sign!).

Congratulations to Amanda and Nick, and here’s to a great 2014 season!

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Jocelyn & Rob

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– Ocean City NJ Wedding Photographer-

The last wedding of the year came with a great surprise of warmer weather. We were hoping that the weather would be nice enough for a few portrait shots on the Ocean City boardwalk, but we were not expecting it to cooperate so nicely! The boardwalk was bustling with people, which made for a great ambiance. Jocelyn & Rob had their ceremony and reception in the Flanders Hotel in Ocean City, NJ.What an amazing place it is; so romantic, especially during the holiday season as it felt like a winter wonderland. I love Jocelyn & Rob’s style and I think it came through nicely on the photos.